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Emigrants Who's Who
Anker, Kristian Pedersen (1848-), clergyman, Iowa
Boye, Niels Christian (abt.1786-1849), pioneer and merchant, Iowa
Christensen, Mads Christian (1852-1907), physician and surgeon, Iowa
Gullager, Christian (1759-1826), artist, USA
Hansen, Anne Marie (1861-1934), wife of Jens Jensen, Illinois
Hansen, Peter Lauritz Christian (1854-19??), clergyman, USA
Jacobsen Antonio Nicolo Gasparo (1850-1921), marine painter, New Jersey
Jensen, Jens (1860-1951), landscape architect, Illionois/Wisonsin
Lundmark, Lambert Methodius (1879-19??), physician, Wisconsin
Nielsen, Elisabeth Dorothea (1852-1905), wife of Jacob August Riis, New York/Massachusetts
Nielsen, Niels Lassen (1874-1948), laundry owner, California
Riis, Jacob August (1849-1914), journalist and photographer, New York/Massachusetts
Scherrebeck, Peter (1813-61), carpenter and master builder, California